Why become a Business Photos Trusted Agency?

As a Trusted Agency you'll be able to offer your business clients high-quality, 360-degree, virtual tour imagery using the same technology as Google Street View. Grow your business by enlisting your trained photographers and agency staff to sell, shoot and publish Google Business Photos.

Connect with businesses worldwide

Help local businesses strengthen their online presence by creating a virtual tour of their business.

Your photographers do the shoot

Panoramic HDR photo shoots are easy: minimal camera and lighting adjustments allow for most shoots to be done within 2 hours.

Publish images to Google

Your trained staff can use Google's free online software tools to upload, process, and publish your images within a few days.

How Can I Learn More?

We’re glad you want to learn more! Here are some ways:

  • Check out our Street View Gallery showing how Google Business Photos imagery brings businesses to life online.
  • Visit our website for business owners to learn why businesses around the world are using Google Business Photos as a powerful online marketing tool.

To learn more about how to become a Business Photos Trusted Agency, apply now.


Is my agency ready to apply?

Yes, if you have:

  • A passion to expand your photography agency to run a nationwide, high volume panoramic photography business
  • Motivated and capable sales staff who leverages the Google Trusted Agency badge and secure orders for indoor Street View virtual tours
  • Tie ups with reseller agencies who can further help expand your business.

Are there any requirements?

  • Photographers will need a custom fisheye lens and pano-head (the rest of the equipment is fairly standard)
  • Need to provide a mutually acceptable plan for photoshoots in the cities of operation, and execute this plan while meeting Google's quality norms
  • Achieve performance goals to maintain Trusted Agency status